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What is our mission as an organization?

To help improve as many lives as we can, and in the process making God's love visible to all mankind.
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Our Work

Mary Knoll Sisters give witness to God’s love for mankind and to devote our lives to His service. We serve the needs of the poor, oppressed, and marginalized people of society.

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Sisters In Service

Our sisters come from 29 countries and come together to a better understanding of the human condition. We are seeking the answers to major issues like human trafficking, poverty and reconciliation.

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The Mary Knoll Way

The Mary Knoll Way is a ministry sponsored by the Mary Knoll Sisters. It provides continuing education and renewal programs for missionaries and volunteers alike.

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Faith Journey

If you wish to become one of us, it is quite easy-talk to one of us to find out if you have what it takes to become one of us. We are all ears and ready to listen to you today. Get in touch now!

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