Mary Knoll Sisters on Literacy

The Mary Knoll Sisters‘ involvement with education is a long standing tradition which they have inculcated in their vocation takers to take as their life’s mission, alongside making God’s love visible. The importance of education cannot be emphasized enough. As such, Mary Knoll Sisters have taken to task as secondary school teachers, school counselors, and tutors.

Mary Knoll sisters have a deep involvement in the overall development of the youth in countries they have presence in. Most of these countries are poverty stricken, war-torn areas where no other group would dare to enter, due to the apparent risk it poses to them. Now their alumnae in turn teach other communities in order to help spread awareness and share the blessings of education to those who have never heard of it.

According to USAID, over 67 million children worldwide are not attending school. Of that number 40 million live in countries riddled by armed conflicts. In addition, there are 775 million non-literate adults today, which is quite a staggering number, when you come to think about it.

Our aim is to help reduce this number to a minimum, and hopefully one day eradicate illiteracy 100% in all corners of the globe. That will be the day that we can say one of our missions is complete


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