Mary Knoll Sisters Avow Civil Human Rights

Sisters of the Mary Knoll order live in many different countries throughout the world, so they have sort of a keen grasp on the Human Rights and Civil Rights situation in a certain country. They have first-hand experience on the plight of people who fall victims to crimes against their basic human and civil rights. The usual victims are the poor and oppressed who have little in a way of resistance to their oppressors, or are too afraid to fight back or even speak up their views and opinions on such matters.

Mary Knoll Sisters have access to people high up in the echelons of the United Nations, thus they have an easy way of letting their voices be heard on civil and human rights issues. They do not get involved directly with the concerned people otherwise they would be accused of meddling with a certain nation’s internal affairs.

They have at their disposal various ways to let their voices be heard on such sensitive issues which affects mostly those below the poverty line, who are too marginalized to be able to fight back and fend for themselves. Such is the experience of the Mary Knoll sisters over the years that they know what it’s like to be one of those hapless victims.

In Kenya, the Mary Knoll sisters have put up a multicultural peace building team and another “Sisters without borders” who work in crisis intervention and reconciliation.

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