Mary Knoll Sisters Renew Pledge to Environment

One of the major concerns of the Sisters of Mary Knoll is caring for the environment, which a lot of people are prone to take for granted. Most people think it’s not their problem and that the government (or somebody else) ought to take care of it. But the painful truth is, we are all responsible, we are all contributors to the worsening problem of global warming. From the mouth of the millennial, global warning is for real.

A study of our buildings show that we follow a very eco-friendly standard for the environment, both inside and outside our classrooms and dwelling places.  We are strong advocates of recycling, and we recycle everything from plastic bottles to paper bags and other materials which would normally end in a landfill. This is our way of setting an example for others to follow.

We’re not saying that we’re doing this to draw attention to ourselves. While we do that, our aim is not to be recognized for it, but rather to set an example for others to follow. Global warming is upon us, climate change is inevitable. It may already be too late, but it’s never too late to try and do something positive for the environment. AS of today, it’s the only place we’ve got. If we value our future generation’s survival, let us give them a clean enough place to thrive in.

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