The Uphill Battle Against Human Trafficking

The May Knoll Sisters have been one of the staunchiest proponents of ending human trafficking worldwide for so many years now. To this day, human trafficking is still the number cause of violence against women and children. At present, South Asia is facing an epidemic proportion of human trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation.

The Cambodia Women’s Crisis Center¬†offers vocational training to victims of human trafficking, particularly women and young girls who were rescued from traffickers. Most of these victims feel tremendous shame that they choose to remain where they are rescued rather than come back home to their families. They have no face to show back home because of what they have gone through, even though it’s never their fault in the first place.

The programs offered at these crisis centers to help these victims gain their self-respect and self confidence once more, and also teaching them ways on how to be gainfully employed in the near future.

It is sad to note that human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry, where 50% of the victims are children. A confessed trafficker admits that they could buy a woman for $10,000 if she is young and beautiful, and make your money back in a week. After that, everything else is profit. Another sad note: study shows that 71% in children who are victims of trafficking show suicidal tendencies.

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