Stand Mixers can be Game-Changing

For the dedicated baker or the interested home chef, a stand mixer can be a real game-changer. From bread to pasta and egg whites to soup, a stand mixer can serve to add interest to your cooking, simplify baking and become a hard-working, willing assistant, performing tasks that you are unwilling or unable to do.

Mixing Power with a Stand Mixer
Stand mixers have larger, more powerful engines and transfer that energy to its mixing tasks (Source: Even the strongest hand mixer can only have an engine that that average home economist can easily lift and maneuver.

Mixing Thick Contents
Though hand mixers often include a variety of mixing tools such as dough manipulators, they are not strong enough to do an adequate job on thicker mixtures. This is a two-fold disadvantage.

They often do not have the strength to adequately combine the ingredients which can lead to irregular results. Additionally, they sometimes mix irregularly, partly because of the function of the machine and partly because of the manner in which the user moves the hand held device.

A stand mixer is also equipped with attachments designed to make mixing easier and more efficient, but in this case, the stand mixer includes the power to properly execute the designated tasks. Take kneading bread as an example. Not only is the bread kneading tool strong enough to penetrate the entire dough, but with the combination of the processes, it fully executes the task. The standing mixer’s blades or attachments move, but this action is supported by the bowl holder that places the materials in the correct position for maximum reach and access.

Give us a Hand
A huge advantage of stand vs. hand mixer is in liberating your hands for other tasks. You don’t have to steady the bowl because it is anchored into a bowl holder. You don’t have to use both hands to hold and direct the blades because the machine executes that task for you. You can even set the mixer as needed and move on to anther task while the mixing occurs, saving you effort and time – and we all need to find more time in our lives.

Back Saving and the Stand Mixer
Few of us keep the hand mixer always present on the counter top. Indeed, for households with infrequent use of the hand mixer, it is often stored in some dark corner of a low cabinet with the attachments buried under seldom-used cutlery in a drawer. You have to crawl around on the floor and dig among the stored devices for the mixer.

Most people keep the stand mixer right in plain sight with the attachments in the bowl. No searching, no bending.

There are countless reasons to add a stand mixer to your household, but perhaps these few convince you to take the stand mixer plunge.

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