Tips to Help You Deep Fry Like a Pro

Deep frying any food in hot oil will seal in the natural juices and flavors while giving the food a crispy exterior. This frying method is not limited to meat either. Where would we be without deep fried donuts and the other wonderful pastries that take a dip in hot oil before being served to us? Vegetables can be deep fried too, with or without a coating of batter. Use these tips to help you deep fry like a pro and increase the flavor of everyday foods.

Right Oil
Deep frying requires a high heat and not all cooking oil can stand up to the high temperature. Select an oil that has a high smoke point for deep frying.

According to, “Vegetable oil, peanut and grape seed oil have high smoke points and can stand up to the high heat. All three of these oils can be filtered and re-used several times.”

Right Equipment
A cast iron skillet with high sides or a cast iron Dutch oven make excellent pots for deep frying at home. The high sides allow enough hot oil to be in the pan for deep frying and the sides also limit hot oil splatters. A home deep fryer will have a basket and will allow the user to keep the temperature of the oil consistent.
Either piece of equipment will yield the same deep fried results as long as the oil temperature is the same.

Batter Up
Everyone has their own favorite batter to dip food in, but unless the food is dredged in flour first, the batter will not adhere to the food.
Mix seasoning into flour before battering up. Add salt, pepper, chili powder, onion powered, etc. to all-purpose flour mix well. Create wet batter in a separate bowl. Coat raw food with flour and seasoning by dredging it (pulling it through the flour mix on both sides), then dip in wet batter and gently lower food into hot oil.

Heat The Oil
While you’re preparing the flour dredge and batter, let the cooking oil be heating up. The temperature should be between 375F and 400F for perfect deep frying.
If at anytime the oil begins to smoke, remove from heat immediately. If the worst case scenario occurs and the oil overheats and bursts into flames, do not throw water on grease fire. Smother the fire with a wet towel, pot lid or thick layer of baking soda.

Don’t Overcrowd
Deep frying a few pieces of food at a time will yield a crispier exterior. The food needs to be able to move around and be flipped over inside the frying utensil.

No Greasy Food
No one wants greasy deep fried food, and if that happens it means the cooking oil was not hot enough. Use a higher heat next time.
Deep fried food is not only tasty, it’s also healthy. Deep frying seals in all the natural juices, so just peel away all the crispy batter and the food inside is non-greasy and healthy.

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