March 1, 2017


Mary Knoll Mall is a virtualmeeting place” meant to keep members of our congregation always connected with each other. As we are located in 29 different countries the world over, it is sometimes difficult to get in touch with our sisters in the congregation, especially if we are geographically across the globe from each other. To get around this, our elders thought of putting up this site for this very purpose.

Since it’s inception many years back, this site has been a platform for information exchange and a way for us to stay connected with our sisters. As our mission goes, we are making God’s love visible by setting good examples for our followers to emulate.

This is also a site to let the public know of anything worth sharing which might affect them directly or indirectly. It is part of our socio-cultural awareness drive and we intend to let everyone know issues which may have escaped their attention and yet they have every right to know. We make it our mission also to help as many people all over the world in terms of education, achieving social justice, economic stability, and environmental consciousness.

We Make God’s Love Visible!